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mastering front 100Wshadow“It's a must-have for any novelist, published or aspiring.” NYT bestseller Tess Gerritsen.

"An invaluable ‘workshop in a book’ for anyone seeking to hone their storytelling skills." Midwest Book Review

“I've read many submissions that were near-misses. If the writers had had the benefit of this book, they'd be published right now.” Laura Abbott, managing editor, Amber Quill Press

Click for more. Mastering the Craft of Compelling Storytelling, a writing craft tutorial by Ray Rhamey.

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Order direct. Order paperbacks or ebooks (novels available as Kindle or epub ebooks) directly from us and save--free shipping plus a 10% discount. Signed copies available on request at checkout. Visit the bookstore here.

face cover 100W shadow2Pogo got it right when he said, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

Revolving-door courts spit felons back onto streets uncaught, unreformed. Madmen and  madchildren kill us with terrifying firepower.

But that’s changing in the Pacific Northwestuntil the forces of the status quo strike back. A speculative thriller. Guaranteed provocative. Click for free sample. nemy, a novel by Ray Rhamey

front Patch 11-14-09 100WAnne Rice got it wrong. The undead life isn't much of a life at all. TheVampire Kitty-cat Chronicles turns vampire mythology on its head in this deliciously snarky story told from a cat's point of view.

Rib-tickling with bite (pun intended)--a number of reviewers said "laugh-out-loud funny," and one noted that "the satire bites satisfyingly deep." Urban fantasy humor. Free sample, video. The Vampire Kitty-cat Chronicles, a novel by Ray Rhamey.

SummerBoy-100WSA riveting coming-of-age story laced with murder--a novel of Texas.

What readers say: “The Summer Boy brought back memories of first kisses and fogged car windows.”

“Wow . . . the tension never ended and it seemed to come from all directions. I spent the day reading as I couldn't stop.”

In paperback and ebooks. Free sample here.

front Magic color title 73011 100W B-SAnnie has a magical ability to heal, and a little boy named Mike needs her help.

But she’s accused of being a terrorist and is running for her life.

Then true terror strikes when a madman creates a pandemic plague that will destroy Mike and all of mankind.

Annie races to prevent disaster . . . and Homeland Security attacks.

A page-turning journey of imagination and discovery. Free sample here.


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