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Book cover design samples

I focus on paperback books. If there’s a need to created a jacket for a hardbound book, I’m happy to expand. See the page discussing book cover design considerations for the Internet.

These examples are my own books. I have new covers in progress for a publisher and I’ll post those asap.

Click an image to see it larger.

Front Cover: title, name, and appropriate graphic; and design and placement of blurbs, if any. Thought is given to creating a brand image if there are multiple books by the same author, and especially for nonfiction books

Spine: includes title, author name, and imprint logotype

Back: includes graphic for ISBN number (which can include price); cover blurb (editorial assistance provided); and design and placement of blurbs, if any.

Enemy full cover
Patch full cover

Book Interior Design

Book interiors include:

Front matter: title page, copyright page, dedication page, table of contents (usually nonfiction)

Content: page numbering (folio), headers and/or footers with title and author name, and graphic elements reflecting theme, story, or brand.

Back matter: author page, afterword, promotion of other books, index (nonfiction), any other material that follows the primary content.

Samples are here.

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Patch first page 120W


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