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quill only-red-30hThe first step for a full edit is a free look at your first 2 chapters (or prologue & first chapter). If your writing qualifies, I will do a free line edit of the first 5 pages and give critique notes.

To qualify for a free sample edit:

1. I need to see a level of writing and storytelling ability that shows clear promise for reaching a professional level.
2. You must be definitely planning on hiring an editor within 3 months of our first contact.
3. Attach the first two chapters (or prologue and first chapter) to an email sent to ray at ftqpress.com.


You must have the ability to use Word's Markup features--Comments and Track Changes--or WordPerfect's Comment and Annotation features so that you will see every bit of editing and the comments that include instruction and coaching. You must have access to one of those two word-processing programs.

If we mutually agree to do an edit, I provide a comprehensive contract that protects your ownership rights in your story.


Copyright © 2010-2011 Flogging the Quill LLC

To submit for your free sample edit, attach a document file containing the first two chapters or the prologue and first chapter to an email to ray @ ftqpress.com.

quill only-red-30hA second option: for a $50 fee, I will do a complete line edit and critique of your first 15 pages. Follow the same process for submitting.

front cover 100W shadowSharpen your manuscript before an edit

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